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Birth of of Goddess Doula and Birth Coaching offers more than you could imagine.

Sure, the idea of giving Birth, becoming a Mother seems so simple, intuitive and practical... yet it is so much more. Let me elaborate for you.

Birthing can be a process directed by the medical team, leaving you as the Birthing Parents little room to speak up and voice your truest desired for the Birth of your Baby. This is not an uncommon situation, and leaves a scar on new mothers.

Too many women have left their Birthing Experience feeling unfulfilled, feeling a sense of powerlessness, without a strong advocate on their side, knowledgeable, powerful, competent, and fully willing to stand up for you through your birthing process.

This is Why You Choose Birth of a Goddess

With Jennifer’s sharp, talented and skillful actions, she is completely attentive to your goals and desires in the birthing process & to making it happen. Her strengths of conviction in women having healthy, happy and successful deliveries shows up in her commitments to her clients from the moment they decide to choose her as their Birthworker. 

Attention to the needs of the expectant Mother, the Father and the relationship dynamics as a couple, is just as important to Jennifer as the actual delivery. Understanding the undertaking of becoming New Parents and the influence you have in your child’s life. No one does this better than Jennifer. 

Through her own pregnancies and raising 3 children, Jennifer has made choices and decisions that directly speak from her Heart to do the best by her children. Things have not always been easy for Jennifer, yet through it all, the ability to embrace her skills and gifts have always led her in the right direction. To show up, lead and be a role model, whether her own children, clients and colleagues.

Her first joy and her passion comes from being a Mother, embodying and living the Archetype Mother ~ Divine Goddess... 

This is a skill and a gift she shares with other women through her Doula & Conscious Birthing Services. 



Birth Choices

It's not just about how you give birth, but that you are supported and  educated in your decision. This is your body, your baby and your birth. 

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It takes an team pf educated providers to fully support you through your pregnancy journey. I am honored to work with and recommend those who will best suit your needs.





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