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Holistic Doula & Conscious Birth Services in Parkland, South Florida


Together we Rise:

  • The number of Doulas has been significantly on the rise in the last decade. 
  • Mothers are recognizing that there’s someone trained out there offering support to help them to achieve their most satisfying Birth Experience. 
  • Its not about how you choose to birth, but that you are treated like the Goddess you are, and that the event is Honored & Sacred.

Studies have shown that having a Doula leads to many of these benefits:

  • Fewer c section rates
  • Reduction in the use of forceps & vacuum
  • Fewer requests for epidurals
  • Reductions in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions
  • Reduction in the use of pain medication
  • Reduction in the length of Labor
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding
  • Higher self esteem, less anxiety and less Postpartum Depression

A Doula helps you achieve the Birth you hope for through:

  • Birth Education and Preparation
  • Birth Planning & Preferences 
  • Massage and other Comfort Measures
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Mindful Breathing & Meditation
  • Coaching you in positions & movements to help ease pain & ease labor
  • Encouragement, Reassurance & Emotional Support
  • Clear emotional blockages & fears
  • Create a Sacred Space with the use of Aromatherapy, music, lighting and positive affirmations.

What We Do

Birth & Delivery of a Goddess

Most women go into birth really wanting to be engaged in their birthing process. Through our services at Birth of a Goddess we are fully involved in the initiation, pregnancy and delivery bring to a woman, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Supporting women and their significant other through the birthing process, provides our services to be authentic in understanding the relationship dynamics between parents to be and birthing facilities and the birth team. This is essential in the foundation of birth and delivery. Birth of a Goddess take exceptional care in making sure your birth and delivery unfolds in a way that speaks to the vision in your heart.

"Giving Birth Consciously & with Empowered Choice is Arguably the Most explosive hit of Feminine Sacred Power that a Woman can display."

-Sophie Bashford

Meaningful Experience

The Process of Birth from pregnancy, labor & delivery, to the beginning of your journey as new parents benchmarks many life experiences and opens the door to many new experiences. As we grow together on your journey to motherhood we will guide you, and support you, while educating you on the best care and practices of birth. These strategies and procedures hold you strong, and powerful, aware of the choices and decision you make through your birthing process. This essential step, sets you up for success in having the birthing experience you want, while having a coach that sees it through. 

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making Mothers- strong competent, capable Mothers who trust themselves & know their inner strength."

-Barbara Katz Rothman

Mothering the Mother

The services of a Doula provide you with the Fundamentals of Birthing covering all the Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Educational elements.

Our work at Birth of a Goddess is to improve the experience of birth for women everywhere.

We are changing the face of maternal health by empowering women at the threshold of change in their lives. We see birth as a unique opportunity to support and empower women as well as educate society about the innate strength of the female body and the sacred process of pregnancy and birth. We offer full spectrum support for fertility, birth clients and new mothers, holding their hands as they transition into this new phase of their lives. We seek to dismantle the stigmas and fears around the birth process for women.

"The act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally, during labor, childbirth and after"

Our Team

Meet Jennifer


Jennifer has a strong passion for natural childbirth. Her belief is something magical, powerful and transformative happens for a woman and baby as they cross the threshold, creating a bond that's like no other.

The birthing process provides you an experience more than physical. As you prepare for the delivery of your bundle of joy, the feelings, emotions, changes in your body and creating a family open you up as a woman to take on a new role, more empowered, stronger and a new sense of purpose. This is what it means to be a Mother.

Jennifer is no stranger to working with children. She holds a Bachelor of Childhood Education, having a desire to see happy healthy vibrant children as a reflection of healthy moms.

Her training encompasses: Studying with CAPPA as a Labor Doula as well Holistic Doula with The Matrona Program. Extending her scope in helping women through labor and delivery she is Certified as a Lactation Counselor & Educator, plus Hypnobirthing Supporter.

Jennifer’s lifestyle embodies motherhood, and mindfulness. As a yoga instructor recognizing the value and importance of breathing and breathwork, Jennifer's skills appropriately strives to teach clients this connection to the body, mind and breathe which is essential during labor.

Jennifer is the mother of 3 amazing children, her pride and joy, ages 21, 18 and 15

Goddess Tales


"Thank you for all that you did to support me throughout my pregnancy. You were so proactive in meeting with me and offering me information to educate me about the upcoming stages of my pregnancy and prepare me for the birth of my child! Thanks to you and my Hypnobirthing classes, I was comfortable enough to have the natural, drug-free birth in Boca Raton that I desired. Thank you A million times over. My Husband & I were so grateful to have you next to us when we welcomed our son into the world."

Melanie Hapner


"I had interviewed several Doulas before I met jennifer, but we connected instantly,and I knew that I was in good hands. She walked me through the process and took the time to answer all my questions.Her background in yoga and breathing was also invaluable! She offered advice, advocated for me and provided the loving and gentle touch I needed when push came to shove (literally). She was there for me every step of the way and was the coach I needed on game day!”

Jen Swerdlow


"Jennifer was so amazing! I was in Labor for 2 days and she was by my side the whole time. If I am blessed to have another child, I would hire Jennifer again in a heartbeat!"

Kristin Biggie

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